Hearts Grow Cold in December (Handguns)

from by Battleships



Why'd you have to say those words
Fuck what happened, I will be heard.

You're just some sad silouette
You're the ghost that's been haunting my head
You're the kiss that I gave you before you pushed me off the edge
I'll be sure to disgrace your name when planning my revenge
And at the end of the day, you'll pay for the life that you claimed.

Oh , please stop, please stop that screaming
Oh my god, now she's not breathing.

Why'd you have defy sound?
You say you're sorry, but it's too late now
Why'd you have to defy sound?

Hearts grow so cold in December.

I search for the stars, but only find clouds
A beautiful face corrupted by sound
I try to remember to keep my feet on the ground
You said you would be here, but where are you now?
You left me alone here to die in this town
You said you would be here, so where are you now?

I dreamt of fear and winter last night
Snow and the make up, the awkward goodbyes
Why did you say that you'd stay?
You left, and you took all the life that remained
(the part above was changed right before recordings, so I didn't know it yet and I'm just yelling nonsense.)

I still remember that look of defeat in her eyes
When she realized that she was dead, I watched her body float towards the sky.

Hearts always grow so cold in late December
So try to forget all those things I'll remember
Like blood stains and coffee
Cigarettes in bed
You used me so selfishly
I tried to stay ahead
There's no truth to your actions, so don't think I'll ever forget.

I'm broken
I'm broken now.

Can't you see our lives will fade?
Days pass by and seasons change
We'll all face our death someday
Growing weak with time and age.


from Battleships EP, released August 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Battleships Columbus, Ohio

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